Tiny crocheted chair

  Tiny crocheted chair Such a solitary figure amidst Those demonic playmates Who tickle the air dry of all rationale All sensible demeanor It is futile, of course, to remain indifferent towards you A single step could destroy your very reason for being That which I do not comprehend myself But in my own way, […]


  Ridged, yet fragile I seek a way into the caverns Your doorway, if you will As a snake, a lost wanderer That casts its beady eye on all things potent All things of spherical demise     Blood shed isn’t enough for me – I want to disguise myself amoung your crimson Preceded by […]


Intertwined in the rain and I know that she’s listening to this voice 
of the lost outside and cold and bang and knock. 
They are all shuffling in their intermittent disguise 
bruised and feverish. Haha! 
I can hawk and lively shoot amidst the insistence. 
There was once a time when the jester played games with […]