Blatantly Untrue Facts About Animals

1) Elephants were once native to Britain, but most were killed during the Great Fire of London in 1666 (How unfortunate that all the elephants in Britain were congregated in London on that fateful night?!)

2) The First Rhinoceros to ever exist developed an unnatural disliking towards the Ostrich. The Rhino then decided to grow a horn to demonstrate it’s disgust, which is why all Rhinoceros’ today have horns.

3) There is no such thing as a clean antelope.

4) Italian cockroaches are avid dancers although witnessing their dance is rare because cockroaches are incredibly modest and often don’t feel like dancing.

5) A Panda Bear will eat Swiss cheese when encouraged.

6) Contrary to popular belief, the Dodo bird is not actually extinct. In actual fact, almost all the Dodo birds fell into a different dimension and, so far, have not worked out how to get back.

7) A Tapeworm’s favourite colour is “Blood”.

8) Salmon will only lay eggs when another creature is watching them- Salmon are sick and twisted like that.

9) There is something terribly wrong with the Grasshopper…

10) The Daddy-Long-Legs will only fly at your face because they are trying to introduce themselves. They are possibly the most polite and social of all insects.

11) Sharks drink more when they need the toilet.

12) Ducks have their own unique language. Unfortunately not a single duck can speak this language, causing most ducks to have depressing and/or violent tendencies. Scientists believe this is the reason why ducks are so eager to push their heads under water for lengthy periods of time.


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