In Case of Argument: Break Dance

I present you a hand picked selection of our greatest tried and tested comebacks. These are particularly effective when used on the elderly/people with broken souls who hate themselves.


1. Please, allow me to milk away your pain!

2. Massage my disgusting child, it feels alone (point to your own genitals in triumph.) 

3. COME FORTH AND RAPE THE PROPHET! (point at your opponent while screaming and herding a clan of goat in their general direction.)

4. I will finger your fret and you’ll forget about it!

5. Yes, that may be, but last night I smoked the face of your God.

6. I will poke you vigorously with cork, when you least expect it.

7. I will beat you to death with a vasectomy.

8. Watch out. My landlady will gum you awake in the night.

9.  I will pulverize your loins.

10. I will soak up the jizz of your forefathers and regret nothing.



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