Spots VS. Stripes

“Aren’t my stripes lovely?”
Said Bumblebee
He stretched out his arms
And looked at me
“All the other creatures
Far and near
From the crusted toads
To the mottled deer…
“They must envy this fluff
So warm and neat
That grows from my head
To my dainty feet!”
Bumblebee smiled
(A most arrogant grin)
Pushed his neck out with pride
So high was his chin!
But smiling to herself
The Ladybug sighed
With an upward glance
She caught his eye
“If you think you are better
Then you’ve lost the plot!
You keep to your stripes
I’ll stick to my spots.
“You may be fluffy
But you lack the grace
That protrudes from the sheen
Of my glossy face.”
“My hard outer shell
And this vibrance” she said,
“Makes your yellow look silly
Compared to my red.”
“I don’t understand…”
The Bumblebee squaffed
So surprised was he
That he spluttered and coughed
He hung his head low
And went off to hide
Ladybug won the quarrel
And gained much in pride.
“Spots versus stripes!”
I uttered aloud
Then gently fluttered
To address the crowd
“No one is better,
We all are unique
We are all good and bad
We are all strong and weak
“We are all equal
And that is a fact
You should show some respect
That’s how you should act!
“My people are different
In shape and in size
All kinds of colours
Of wings, legs,
Even eyes!
“We are admired
By all those we meet!”
My speech was over
So I re took my seat.
The rest of the bugs
They all agreed
The Butterfly was right,
Respect was the need!
And everyone was happy
After that
Gentleman insects
Would tip off their hats
The lady insects
Would blush and smile
Everyone was at peace
At least, for a short while.

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