The Bird and the Caterpillar

“Excuse me sir!” the young bird said,

To the caterpillar on the tree.

“I am awfully sorry, but I am in a hurry,

And there’s someone expecting me.”

“What is it you want?”

He replied with a grunt,

Whilst munching upon a leaf.

“I’m eating my lunch,

You’re disturbing my brunch

And soon I will have my tea!”

“I mean you no harm!”

Exclaimed the bird with alarm,

“I just need your help you see?”

The Caterpillar sighed,

And reluctantly replied

To the bird and his enquiry:

“All I can give is a minute of time

And then you must leave me to eat.

I have had enough of you panicking birds,

Be quiet and please take a seat.”

“My issues my friend,”

The bird huffed with a sigh

“He’s been on the mend

After hurting his eye.

All I need is a gift

Or a trinket of sorts…”

Then the bird went adrift,

He was lost in his thoughts.

The Caterpillar thought

As he chewed on his leaf

(A most annoying sound

Produced by his teeth)

Sitting up on his seat

Whilst scratching his head

“How about some meat

On a piece of bread?”

“Alas! I have looked,

Though nothing I’ve found

The river seems empty

And so does the ground”

But then the bird

About to take flight,

Knew how to make

His wrongs into rights

The Caterpillar looked

And immediately knew

The young bird scooped

And with the caterpillar flew

That silly bird’s problem,

The solution quite clear

The ending glum,

And plagued with fear

But in the end,

With the gift in beak

The young bird’s friend

Found the caterpillar a treat


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