The Butler Crow

If you live near the woods

There is a chance you’ll know

A bizarre creature dwells there

Known as the “Butler Crow”.

He’ll lurk near hippy campers

And follow them around

Decorate trees with tea cups,

And leave cup cakes on the ground.

He’ll spend days tracking hikers

And turning down their beds

Startling them with pillow chocs

That melt under their heads.

Some think they can outsmart him

But he has other plans-

Replacing all the fire wood

With exquisite scones and jams.

If you think he sounds lovely

You’re mistaken once again

His payment for such service

Is to eat the flesh of men.

You can try to stop him

But it’s not possible

The Butler Crow is crafty

His stomach never full.

So next time you’re in the woods

Make sure that you take care

For I assure you, all is lost

When this Butler knows you’re there.


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