Intertwined in the rain and I know that she’s listening to this voice 
of the lost outside and cold and bang and knock. 
They are all shuffling in their intermittent disguise 
bruised and feverish. Haha! 
I can hawk and lively shoot amidst the insistence. 
There was once a time when the jester played games with the truth, 
and the screams of the others never lifted. 
Tap and closed doors and sinking inside so sinking, 
when will this feel like the yesterday of the other side? 
Reflections of light too strong to see above the water 
of freshness and life and grey blue satin lying in the gutter. 
He is running or is he walking? 
Fainting the golden virgin and the whistle that trapped my fever 
in the depths of the underground. 
What was that I heard you say? I don’t know why the sun grows almighty and forgets its everlasting. 
The scent is too strong to cling to the betrayal of a lost intercourse. 
Danger Danger – I will forgive and trap you all in the ship that I call 
blessed – life.
 Grow and grow and wither and 
forget the catastrophe of the casting brains.


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