Lincoln and Davis: An Affair that Split the Union

Part 4

Jefferson entered the warm coat cupboard across the hall where Abe was already waiting. He locked eyes and was immediately lost. With a slight of touch, he caressed the smooth silky texture of his top hat. His hands ran down his face, fingers entangled in his mess of beard. Abe lifted his top hat and with a clatter it dropped to the floor. Cupping his hands around Jefferson’s face,  he slowly leaned in.

“Is there a rocket in your pocket or are you just glad I’m here?” Jefferson contemplated what on earth a rocket could be as he nibbled at Abe’s succulent nose. Abe forced him into the closed door and pressed up against him. Despite his body trembling with satisfaction he felt hesitant towards the potential of this encounter.

“I can’t, I…” Abe thought for a moment, “I just think this is happening so fast!” Jefferson was barely listening, he could feel the supple flesh under his pressed cotton shirt writhe with sweat and anticipation. At once, he tore at Abe’s lint-speckled black suit, revealing all eight of Abe’s nipples. The buttons bounced softly as they hit the floor. Jeff kissed his chest with the deep passion he had held back since the moment he had first laid eyes on the President.

The passion was interrupted as the door was pushed open heavily. The two lovers parted in shock and glanced up to see a silhouette of a short, bearded man.

“James!” Jeff jumped  up in shock, pulling up his breeches with a force that crippled his member, “this isn’t what it looks, I swear!”

But James Ewell Brown did not utter a word, and even though his face was a mask of hair and feathers Abe and Jeff could both sense the anger in his eyes. He jumped onto his horse and fired his pistols in the air with a southern screech. The meaning of this was clear; Jefferson would not be “visited” by him again.

Abe was almost fully dressed as he prepared to leave his Confederate hunk.

“Abe, baby I can explain!”

“Don’t bother, it’s over Jeff,” Abe sobbed, “I just can’t believe I fell for your lies!”

Abe motioned to leave, but Jeff stopped him, pulling him deep into his chest.

“I love you, you know that. He meant nothing to me, you’re my Babe-raham,” tears rolled down his cheeks and settled in his fluffed sideburns. A deep fear surged through him, the fear that Abe would leave him for good.

“You promise it won’t happen again?” 

“I swear it’s just going to be me and you from now on.”

Abe smiled and enthralled himself into Jeff’s arms, tugging the clothes from his dry, pasty skin and sniffing his feet with immense delight.

The couple spooned in that coat closet for what felt like a lifetime, but J.E.B was not to be their last obstacle. Little did they know their relationship would spark a war that would not only tear apart their hearts, but the United States itself. 


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